Cosmetic Surgery and Breast Cancer Victims

For many people, the physical effects of cancer are mostly associated with loss of hair or other visible bodily deformities. Breast cancer survivors have a high risk of having their breasts removed to prevent further growths from occurring. These patients can experience many physical and psychological traumas during their cancer treatment process. For them to avoid further damaging their self-worth, many breast cancer survivors opt for breast reconstruction from skilled plastic surgeons. Through the efforts of their physician, these women can experience normalcy in their day to day life that previously would not have been available for them.

While there are some members of society who view plastic surgery and physical modification as a dangerous slope towards an identity crisis, there is an unbelievably large amount of possible applications for cosmetic surgery. The efforts of doctors who specialize in cosmetic reconstructions have the potential to heal the sides of a person’s psychology that no other option would. The brain is a beautiful organ in the way that it gives each person an individual consciousness and self-identity; however, it is an instrument of mayhem when a person loses their self-worth due to excruciating circumstances such as cancer of any kind. Cancer, in general, can wreak untold havoc on the lives of patients and their family members or support network. The alarming increase in cases of breast cancer for the United States has recently been linked to several leading causes. Diet, specifically the consumption of dairy and red meats, can cause an increase in cancer activity throughout the body. Typically in breast cancer scenarios, the patient will be given the option to remove the breasts as a preventative measure known as a mastectomy. These procedures can leave patients feeling incomplete. The role cosmetic surgery plays in healing these cases of incompleteness is crucial in the future of breast cancer patients around the world.

Once the breast has been removed many women can experience extreme cases of dysphoria. In today’s Western society, breasts are over sexualized and equated with womanhood. The societal expectations alone are one of the main reasons for women to undergo breast reconstruction due to breast cancer. These women are merely attempting to regain normalcy in their appearance so they can continue their lives as they did before.

To conclude, in any case, clients are extremely pleased with their newly constructed breasts as they have liberated them from the previous state of deformity and barrenness. Innovations in the field of cosmetic surgery have allowed for doctors to successfully re-engineer the body in a manner that is visually and psychologically healing. The list of applications for cosmetic surgery continues to grow as the public becomes more comfortable with such procedures. While there are typically oppositions to cosmetic surgery, it is important to realize the potential for positive effects on the overall well being of a person. We are beings of thought, so it is only natural for us to desire to think of our image in a way that is satisfying.




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