Inspecting Your Truck Before a Trip

Trucks are the prime movers of the economy. We rely on them much for the delivery of our everyday goods. Without them, it would be impossible to shop for your weekly groceries, or receive packages from a friend living afar. With this high demand for trucks, it is impossible not to share roads with them. However, lawyers from the Sampson Law Firm say sharing roads with these colossal vehicles makes pedestrians and other drivers more prone to truck-related incidents. So to avoid getting into any trouble, it is important to inspect your truck first before hitting the road. You may do a clockwise check of your truck for your pre-trip inspection. To guide you, here are the things to watch out for when checking your truck:

• Engine – Look for leaks under the truck. Check if your belt is cracked, bent, frayed or broken. Wires should be properly mounted. See if the coolant reservoir is not leaking. Engine oil, power steering oil, and coolant should all be in normal levels.

• Tires and rims – Check your tires for any bulge and cracks. Air pressure should be within the recommended level. The depth of your tire treads should not be less than what is recommended. If you have dual tires, make sure that there is nothing stuck between the two tires.

• Mirrors and lights – Headlights, tail lights, and turn lights should all be working properly. Mirrors should be clear of any dirt and smudge, and should be properly mounted to provide better visibility.

• Trailer – Check if your load is properly secured. Electric and air lines should be tightly mounted. Trailer suspensions should have no leaks. Frames should be free from any crack and there should be no missing cross members.

Inspecting your truck before hitting the road is necessary not just for your safety, but also for the safety of others who share the road with you.

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